Project: Waste Construction

Faced with the challenge of defining a large open public space threshold from street level to a underground parking area.

The concept of construction waste in the built environment shaped the recycling nature of the scheme; calling on the designer to utilize general construction waste from surrounding construction sites and transforming, and upcycling it into something functional, resilient and beautiful.

This was the initial proposal of shipping containers shaping space that could be used as retail and craft markets:

Container 1
Road level and park level floor plans, of stacked containers
Container 2
Phasing of the project in terms of availability of materials
Container 3
Hand-drawn perspective of terrace seating and retail stores
Container 4
Street level retail and threshold definition



Revising the scheme and altering elements to allow flexibility in layout and configuration, a more sustainable and resilient concept could be developed.

Instead of imposing random retail schemes, it became an integrated local and community recycling and craft market.

  • A Tile Recycling station – Mosaic Craft Workshop
  • A Children awareness scheme – Child Craft Workshop
  • And a Paper recycling scheme – Recycling paper from surrounding offices

This soon took on a more holistic approach to involve the whole community whilst training individuals and producing art that could be sold to the general public.

Waste Craft Centre 1
Conceptual approach and functional development and exploration
Waste Craft Centre 2
Locality and effect of structure on the landscape
Waste Craft Centre 3
Street level activity
Waste Craft Centre 4
Park Level activity
Waste Craft Centre 5
Experiential perspective of night and day activities 
Waste Craft Centre 6
Mosaic art workshop and Kids Crafting center
Waste Craft Centre 7
Paper recycling and craft workshop
Waste Craft Centre 8
Sustainability in energy, water and services usage
Waste Craft Centre 9
Market space street threshold and general experience


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