Project: Warehouse Apartments

This was another interior architect’s dream project; converting an old dilapidated store or warehouse into duplex apartments.

The structure was relatively in tack with minimal interior walls, however was inhabitable. The client desired to transform this stagnant building into 2 bedroom apartments that could be rented for an additional income, and this was my proposal;

Die Skuur Proposal

Working drawings:

Die Skuur WD 1
Ground floor plans and roof plans: Total transformation of the existing structure
Die Skuur WD 2
Electrical layout and plumbing plan: entire retrofit of services due to the lack there of
Die Skuur WD 3
Site development plan, sections and elevations


This was for the same client, very quick and simple design and working drawings of 3 identical units to be built on a farm for family and friends. Using eucalyptus tree logs as the roof supports, no fuss very easy project…

Plaas Huisies.jpg

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