Project: Primitive House

The reason I titled this project the “Primitive House” is due the fact that the client had every intention to make this bushveld house – off the grid. Situated within Shona Langa, a game farm on the outskirts of Bela Bela Limpopo. The client was looking for something low cost, low maintenance, very simple and primitive, as a getaway to her and her extended family and friends.  No fancy finishes or fixtures, all to be merged within the veld and altered to suit very specific needs.

Shona Langa Proposal
Simple 3D proposal: Nothing fancy, primitive and plain

Working Drawings:

These working drawings had to conform to the strict rules of the game farm HOA, and were submitted and approved for development.

The drawings were also submitted and approved by the Bela Bela municipal council with little snags, however the client halted the construction process due to personal reasons, though it still remains pending for future development.

Shona Langa WD 1
Ground Floor plans: approved by an engineer and the HOA
Shona Langa WD 2
Elevations and sections: as per municipal council specifications, all according to National building regulations
Shona Langa WD 3
Site development plans and calculations as per SANS standards and regulations

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