Project: Glasman 2016

The Glasman project was quite vivacious; re-envisioning a workshop warehouse for a company that has outgrown its tattered image. Ripping away the gable end of the existing warehouse, extending the structure with 2m and replacing the façade with full glazing, a monopitch roof and reshuffling the interior layout.

Existing Glasman Warehouse
The existing structure Bela Bela (Warmbad Limpopo); out-dated façade to be redesigned.
Proposal 1
First proposal; an attempt to convince the client to continue with the gable roof
Proposal 2
Second Proposal; Industrial interpretation with multiple texture
Proposal 3
Third attempt; Solid façade split by texture and material
Proposal 4
Forth Attempt: Taking solar heat gain into consideration – less glass

Final Proposal:

Final proposal approved by the client; Addition of off-shutter concrete finish and less glass


Working drawings:

All plans were submitted to Bela Bela Council and approved to be developed. The client however didn’t accept the quote by the contractor and the development never commenced.

Glasman WD 1
Ground Floor plans
Glasman WD 2
Sections detailing
Glasman WD 2
Elevations and calculations

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