Pearly Beach: Residential As Built drawings


The name Pearly Beach is probably the best descriptive word for this idyllic little residential town on the Southern coast of SA. A holiday town that remains fairly asleep during off seasons. Unfortunately, along with the crystal clear water and white beaches, this town has been infamous for Abalone poaching. On the up-side, Pearly Beach is an absolute breeding ground for whales, and during mating season, hundreds of whales decorates the shorelines for 180 degrees.

This laid back town boast with many old, basic and some dilapidated homes that often have very outdated floor-plans. In the process of additions to homes, little care from the municipality was taken to ensure that plans stay up to date. Thus causing many additions and changes made to homes that were never documented or approved by local governance.

The house is situated in a quiet street, with a second storey balcony that has a clear slither of a view to the ocean. It was however the result of this lack of approval processes: The drawings that were found, were very outdated, drawn by hand and almost impossible to make sense of. The date stamp was 1997…so pretty old.

Outdated, yet understated home that has seen many years of additions and changes

The job was simple, take measurements of the existing structure and compare it to the existing drawings and add any additional features that does not feature on the old drawings. The balcony and the flatlet to the left had been added by the previous owner and plans were never updated. As built submissions required a lot of detail in convincing the municipality that the structure really currently looks like the drawings told:

3D Computer generated renderings of the dwelling
Ground floor plan, Site plan, elevations and sections indicating additions and details added to the existing structure without the regulatory drawing submission
Ground Floor plan, first floor plan and roof plan with a front facade elevation

The plans have been approved by the municipality and the current owner can now place his home on the property market, knowing that his house has updated floor plans approved by council and in accordance with all building regulations.

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