Heritage Project: Burgers Park Kiosk

In my honers post-graduate program a series of different themes were spread throughout the year, the most exciting and challenging project was during the heritage section of the year.

South Africa has strict laws on heritage buildings that are older than 50 years, placing an immense amount of pressure on interior architects to work with the existing heritage fabric whilst breathing new and current life into these stagnant and often dilapidated structures without compromising on its heritage significance.

The site I selected was a small quirky building in the heart of Pretoria CBD, in the centre of an historic park. This octagonal, stark structure hosts an array of issues and possibilities and due to its age had to be preserved and celebrated within its current and historic significance.

These were the initial proposals developed throughout the quarter, and were revisited during the final exam, taking on another layer of life and potential.


Burgers Park Kiosk1
Burgers Park: Site Analysis
Burgers Park Kiosk2
Park Analysis, Conceptual appropriation from Tshwane Leadership Foundation
Burgers Park Kiosk3
Burgers Park Kiosk Analysis
Burgers Park Kiosk4
Programme and function development
Burgers Park Kiosk5
Design Approach development
Burgers Park Kiosk6
Appropriation development and design application
Burgers Park Kiosk7
Design application collages
Burgers Park Kiosk8
Final design development
Burgers Park Kiosk9
Detail design resolution 1
Burgers Park Kiosk10
Detail design development 2

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