BOW AFRICA: Conceptual retail design

Bow Africa Presentation sheet1Within the Heart of the BEAUTIFUL and Vibrant Braamfontein, Johannesburg, we were set upon the quest to find the perfect pocket within the existing built fabric, with the potential of an interior retail renovation and appropriation.

Different typologies were formulated from which to choose a brand or identity that could best boast your design intent and skills. I am instinctively drawn to compact, quirky and confined spaces that could envelope cultural identity, seeking out a small Indian Cuisine fast food Restaurant.

Bow Africa Presentation sheet2
Locality mapping and site analysis

The typology imposed was a designer, local, “African” clothing store that specialize in high quality fabrics, patterns and the black African Woman figure.

Bow Africa Presentation sheet3
Brand Analysis Infographic: African Culture and Pride

The brand asked for quality, durability and vibrancy in colour and texture, all of which gave way to neutral earth tones with coarse textures. All the materials were specified and sourced locally and sustainably to insure a holistically green design approach.

Bow Africa Presentation sheet4
Material Pallet and analysis

A thorough sustainability analysis had to be conducted to determine an overall carbon footprint of the design in terms of the Green Building Council regulations and specifications.

Bow Africa Presentation sheet8
Matrix analysis of material sustainability

The clothing retail typology for this specific brand and retail in general have many parallels and human behavior within these spaced should be understood and studied to ensure functionality and usability of the retail environment.

Bow Africa Presentation sheet5

Bow Africa Presentation sheet6

Bow Africa Presentation sheet7
Study of Rudimentary functional signs to model inhabitants and users


Bow Africa Presentation sheet9
Cross-sectional renderings of the proposal
Bow Africa Presentation sheet10
Rendered floor plan layout

To strengthen the argument of sustainability within the temporary nature of retail design and development, a study on the Heritage fabric of the city block needed to be conducted to determine visual obtrusivity and addition or improvement of the streetscape;

Bow Africa Presentation sheet11
BEFORE: Current streetscape
Bow Africa Presentation sheet12
AFTER: Addition to the quality of the streetscape


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